LCA Online

LCA Online

LCA Online provides a solution to meet a variety of educational needs. Middle School and High School students can use online courses to:

  • Advance in their coursework
  • Recover credit
  • Provide flexibility in learning
  • Explore academic and elective interests
  • Continue their Christian education no matter where life takes them

How Does It Work?

Online courses are fully accredited and delivered via the internet. Students have the support of their online course instructors as well as the LCA staff at school. Students can work on their online courses on campus during the school day or outside of school depending upon the individual’s needs. ¬†LCA regular students can take a mix of regular “live” and online based classes but at least two of the classes must be regular classes. ¬†Students also have “accountability” checks at three levels: Online Instructors, LCA staff, and Parents.

I am interested. What do I do next?

To discuss LCA Online, costs, coursework, and whether or not online learning is right for your student please contact Freddie Cullins at