Dress Code

Dress Code

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Uniforms are mandatory for all elementary and secondary students.
Elementary and Secondary students are required to wear the official LCA school uniform

Monday through Thursday, a navy blue or red knit shirt with the LCA crest will be worn. The long or/and short sleeved navy blue or red knit shirt must have the LCA crest; they can be
purchased from French Toast. https://www.frenchtoast.com/schoolbox/schools

LCA hoodies, jackets or navy cardigans may be worn in the classroom. If the student wears the hood up on his/her hoody, the hoody will be taken up and such student will lose the privilege of wearing a hoody. The parent will need to come to the office to retrieve the hoody.

On cold days, a solid red or navy shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt. Solid navy blue leggings may be worn under skirts and culottes. Colored socks or tights are not allowed.

Friday is designated Spirit Day. An LCA t-shirt and long or capri denim blue jeans may be worn. Denim blue jean shorts are not permitted. No leggings or jeggings are permitted. Athletes on a LCA team may wear their team shirt or uniform with long denim blue jeans.
Elementary students are required to wear the LCA crested t-shirts or sweatshirts for all field trips.


Girls may choose from a jumper, shorts, scooter, skirt, and pants in a navy or khaki or blue/green plaid. LCA monogrammed shirts, which may be purchased with long or short sleeves. All monogrammed items must be purchased from the French Toast web site. Girls may wear a navy monogramed cardigan. No leggings or jeggings are permitted.


Solid navy or khaki shorts, pants, pleated, plain-front, or reinforced-knee Chinos may be worn.Shirts include navy blue or red LCA in long or short sleeves. They may also wear a monogrammed navy cardigan. All monogrammed items must be purchased from French Toast


Shoes must fully enclose the students’ feet including the heel. Sandals are not permitted. Shoes should not be distracting to the school’s educational mission. Athletic shoes should be worn for PE class.
Socks must be either solid white or navy ankle socks or knee socks.

Students Appearance

BOYS: Hair must be kept neat and must not extend beyond the eyebrows in the front, the bottom of the ear on the side, and the bottom of the collar in the rear. No ponytails, man buns,
or clips may be worn.

BOYS AND GIRLS: No extreme or distracting hairstyles are permitted, such as shaved scalps or extreme differences in hair lengths on parts of the head. No unnatural colors (such as blue or
green) may be applied to the hair.

Make-up must not be distracting to the school’s educational mission. No make-up is allowed for Pre-K-6th grade.
Facial piercings are not permitted.

Special events

A red LCA crested shirt and solid blue uniform bottom (no shorts) are required for all choir/band performances and competitions.
Parents will be notified in writing if their student is out of uniform. Students will be brought to the office to change into appropriate uniforms found in our resale shop and parents will be
notified via Gradelink. On the third notification, parents will be contacted to pick up their child from school and asked to return with appropriate uniform attire. Girls with improper leggings will
be sent to the office to change into new leggings and the parents will be charged the price of the leggings.

School Spirit Wear:

Spirit Wear/ Roar Store Pre-order Form: School Spirit Pre-Order (1)

Used Uniform Sales:

Used Uniform Sales are usually held in late July and early August.

The administration retains the right to amend this policy. Students will be given prompt notification if changes are made. In all cases, the interpretation of the policy remains with the
If you have any questions about the school uniforms please send an email to admin@lakelandchristianacademy.org



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