Fun Run 2023


What is the Fun Run?

Fun run is a fun and highly anticipated annual fundraising event for the year. 

Fund are raised for 10 days followed by a fun run on October 27 ( Preschool Fun Run race is a trike race!).

Parents are invited to come watch, run, and cheer on the students!

What are the Goals of the Fun Run?

This year our goal is raise $70,000 for the school and get 100% participation from our students!

With your help, we are excited to put this year’s fun run money towards following enrichment goals:

  • Scholarship
  • Technology
  • Physical education (preschool and elementary)
  • Athletic equipment
  • General classroom supplies

Let’s GO!

We are once again streamlining our fundraiser online. You will be able to reach out to friends and family by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

You will receive an email with a link to your child’s online pledge page by Friday October 13. You can share the link immediately or wait until October 18 for official start date.

You do not need to log in or change anything (you may add a photo of your child). All you have to do is make a donation for whatever amount you can, and share your participant’s link with friends and family. We are shooting for 100% participation, so no amount is too small.

If you do not receive the email for whatever reason, simply search and find your child’s pledge page here:

Here is some sample sharing text to send to your friends and family:

” NAME is participating in a fundraiser and would love your support. If you’d like to donate, you can do so online at the following link: ENTER YOUR CHILD’S PLEDGE PAGE LINK


  • Students will be able to receive fabulous prizes according to the funds raised.  All cash/check donations must be turned in to the front office by TUESDAY, October 31st to count towards the prizes.
  • ONLINE Donations close on TUESDAY, October 31st @ 11:59 pm.

Thanks for your support!”