LBEC/LCA Board of Directors

LBEC/LCA Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Donald Schmidt–Chairman
  • Michelle Martinez
  • Cheryl Richey
  • Glen Blanscet
  • Curt Fuller
  • Frank Elman
  • Jennifer Stanhope
  • Dow Rasdall
  • Kim Snow

Lakeland Baptist Education Center is a nonprofit corporation. All authority is given to the Board of Directors. Among the duties of the Board is setting the policies in accordance with the Corporation’s bylaws and appointing a Superintendent to direct administrative and teaching personnel as well as employing persons as may be necessary. The ultimate authority for governing the school is the Board of Directors.

The LCA Board of Directors is a privateschool Board, which governs in accordance to LCA’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Manual, and School Improvement Plan. As a private Board, the LCA Board of Directors hires a Superintendent who is responsible to administer the day to day operations of the school, to hire and direct the leadership team, teaching personnel, and support staff, and to fulfill LCA’s biblical and academic mission. Importantly, then, the Superintendent is the Board’s connection to LCA’s operational achievement and conduct.

The Board directs the Superintendent and holds him/her accountable through written policies that prescribe organizational mission, goals, and practices. Furthermore, the Superintendent is the Board’s primary link to interactions with students and families. The Board directs all inquiries or concerns about the school to the Superintendent, who corresponds with the Board as needed.