Academics at LCA

“Equip students so that they can impact their world for Jesus Christ and fulfill their own potential in scholarship, leadership, and service.”


Secondary provides a college-preparatory program with a strong commitment to Christian truths and values for students in grades 7 -10. As a fully accredited school with dedicated, caring teachers, LCA can assure parents that their children will receive excellent teaching and engaging lessons.

In addition to core academic classes, including Bible, our secondary program offers numerous electives.


Elementary emphasizes academic rigor, while teaching from a biblical worldview. LCA Elementary maintains a small student-teacher ratio with a caring and encouraging staff. The teachers and administration have created a high quality academic program to develop strong study and life skills for our students.

Our teachers work diligently to prepare the next generation through character building and a rich array of educational experiences. Children develop higher level thinking skills through a balanced academic curriculum and enrichment activities. These enrichment activities include physical education, music, art, computer, field trips, chapel, and others to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Our students also enjoy attending our hands-on math and science labs and various field trips conducted throughout the year. Your child will flourish in an environment where the home and school work together to provide a quality educational experience.


During the school day, Chromebooks maybe used for school purposes in the classroom and students will be able to access any web-based resource allowed through the school’s internet filter.  Each student is issued a Google related school account.  Teachers may utilize Google classroom for assignments and quizzes.  At home, students can access Google classroom using their student login with parents permission.

The school reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store, at any time and without prior notice, any and all student usage of the computer network and Internet access, as well as all information transmitted or received in connection with such usage. All users must abide by rules of network etiquette.


Gradelink is a fully integrated online grading, attendance, and school administration system.

With Gradelink students and parents can stay well informed on the progress at school. Your child’s Gradelink login information will be provided to you from the school.

If you have trouble logging into Gradelink due to password issues or your account being locked please contact the school office. They can reset your password or unlock your account if needed.

LCA school id: 747