Learning is fun at LCA Preschool!

LCA Preschool uses the natural curiosity of children to teach about God and create excitement about learning.

We believe teachers, administrators and staff should be united in their belief that all Children:

  • Have the power to learn
  • Are curious & creative
  • Can succeed
  • and most importantly, are created by God for his purpose

Jennifer Gray
Preschool Director

Tots & Preschool 2's

Our toddler and Preschool 2’s classrooms have a wonderful time each day. We provide an environment of explorations for the children as we learn about everything God created.

Our teachers have fun with the children as they foster skills like listening, learning how to treat one another, problem solving techniques and manners. They also encourage skills like pushing and pulling, sorting objects by color and size and stacking objects. The Tot’s and 2’s curriculum reinforce age-appropriate development through songs, finger plays, short stories, center time and circle time.

Preschool 3's

Because preschoolers (typically 3-4 years old) are more adventuresome and curious about their surroundings, our teachers stay one step ahead of their students. Each day is thoroughly planned out with a variety of hands-on activities to encourage learning and socialization. Students will be taught to write their names and recognize letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Our teachers also begin to introduce concepts like opposites, identify emotions and basic directional skills (over/under etc.). At this time we put extra focus on self awareness for each child. We also foster independence by helping children master self-help skills.


In our academically accredited Pre-Kindergarten classes, our teachers work closely with each of our students to perfect and sharpen all of the skills they will need for Kindergarten. It is our ultimate goal to ensure that all of our students are spiritually, emotionally, physically, cognitively and behaviorally prepared for Kindergarten. Children need to have a well-developed self-esteem, be able to follow instructions, communicate effectively, have good listening skills, practice self control, get along with and relate to others, manage bathroom needs and actively participate in physical activities.


Every child is uniquely created by God. That’s why we provide an individual learning plan for every child. Your plan will combine direct instruction, small-group work, and one-on-one interaction in a way that works for your child.